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Accounts Payable


We are platform independent and routinely work on commonly used applications, such as, Oracle SAP, EAM systems (Asset Suite, Infor, Maximo) and Hosted Accounts Payable (A/P), and Cash Flow Management solutions. Our job is to ensure your invoices, in whatever form or format, are seamlessly converted, processed, and loaded into your accounting system.

Our project teams assist clients with solution definition, architecture, and in every stage of the process once we move to implementation. We provide onsite scanning, offsite scanning, data-entry, EDI integration, image capture, OCR, machine processing, secure FTP sites, establishing a P.O. Box or to a complete digital mailroom service. Our team will ensure the solution is cost-effective and meets the operational needs of the business. They will also help you document best practices, service level agreements, and workflow solutions to optimize operations, providing a complete audit trail.
From a time and cost perspective, we play an essential role in providing highly efficient solutions to reduce the workload of your existing support teams. At iBridge, we constantly evaluate tools, technology, and practices to best serve each client’s unique requirements. We are a multidisciplinary company and we understand how to assist organizations derive optimal value from their financial data through aggregation, analysis, and dynamic dashboards.

Representative Services:

  • Onsite/offsite invoice scanning
  • Invoice sorting and processing
  • Vendor registration and classification
  • Payment processing and reconciliation
  • Clearing invoices against purchase orders, inspection reports, and company policies
  • Preparation of accounts payable lists with aging analysis and classification
  • Verification of statutory compliances
  • Contract Review services

Allow iBridge to help your organization manage your accounts payable! Contact us here.