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Back Office Support Services

Our experience with data-intensive industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and legal services has put us in a prime and unique position to innovate and streamline processes that transcend many fields and disciplines. As one of the five largest document processing service providers in the legal industry, we have worked with a variety of material including patent documents, financial information, vital records, transcripts, statutes and regulations.
iBridge works with clients to successfully yet economically manage their information by enhancing productivity and reducing cost through customized solutions. By utilizing a business model that leverages people, processes, and technology, our team of legal experts, project managers, and production personnel work as a team to seamlessly provide cost-effective results.

Data Conversion

Common practice requires office staff to spend inordinate amounts of time capturing patient information. It is an inefficient use of time of trained professionals and expensive. We can move this function out of your office and save you time and money. Our outsourcing services include Electronic Medical Record Storage, Healthcare Document Management and indexing medical records such as insurance information, health insurance ID cards, patient’s demographic sheet and EOB’s. Once the documents are scanned and available as images, our team performs medical records indexing to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Document Management System (DMS) or the Practice Management Software (PMS). This process will allow your practice to save both time and money.

Forms Processing

Forms are an intermediate step of transferring information between people and a business system. We add value by accelerating processes and decisions by securely extracting and verifying information. We quickly and accurately capture information forms containing PHI, financial information, charts, lab reports, in-take forms, inventory, surveys, etc. We ensure the data we return is accurate and usable. In our forms processing business, we process millions of records related to applications, claims, personnel, and historical records. With iBridge, no job is too small, or too large.


We provide automated/zonal redaction services and subjective/manual redaction services to help protect sensitive information in the litigation lifecycle, PHI and PCI records. We routinely redact personal information from forms such as mortgage applications, student records, patient records, insurance applications, and vital records.

Data Entry

Our data entry operators are U.S. based and offshore. We let our clients decide the location of services based on their needs. We guarantee our quality, turnaround, and we are available all day to respond to your queries. Service providers, software solution companies, integrators and consulting firms use us to capture wage and hour records, financials records, reformat Excel files, rename PDFs or other files, clean images, and provide quality control services.

How can iBridge help you with back office support? Contact us here!